I went into the doctor’s office two months ago to get a checkup for a wonky feeling in my stomach. You know, when you don’t feel good but you can’t put your finger on what it is…

My doctor suggested that I get my blood work done, subtly hinting that one plus one really does equal three. I tried to insist that we don’t waste taxpayers money on a blood test when a urine test would suffice.

“Look – every so often, we need a baseline for your blood work. Right now, we will learn more from this single blood test about your health than a urine pregnancy test. I’m going to insist.”

Of course, this is paraphrased, but she was quite firm and I could definitely see the logic behind it. My husband is being treated for different health issues and we caught it so early because they could track the blood work through the years.

So my first blood test came back – negative for crotch muppets…positive for…white blood cells? My white blood cells are a little high. Weird.

My doctor had no real idea as so what it could be – I didn’t have a cold or flu, no other elevations in my blood word to indicate a direction to take.

Before we could start really diving in, I suggested that maybe it was the new Organo Gold protein shake I had been drinking.


Ganoderma Lucidum is also known as the Reishi Mushroom


She knew nothing about this eastern medicine and was willing to explore this route as a possible solution. She literally googled it with me.

For those who don’t know – the magical Reishi (Ganoderma) Mushroom is the reason behind the science of Organo Gold.

This mushroom is supposed to do a whole bunch of wonderful things and help regulate your immune system…as in, white blood cells.

So a week passes and I go back for more blood work. The word Leukocystosis was scrawled at the bottom of my paper and I was still drinking my shake every morning. In fact, I had increased my dosage to have two shakes a day and one regular meal midday. I was losing weight and really enjoying the ease of making the shake – it’s honestly also really delicious.

I went back once more to track the changes in my blood work. My white blood cells were even higher than the last two times and it had elevated in a month…the whole month I was drinking my Organo Gold protein shake.

At the recommendation of my doctor, I went off the shake. I gave it an entire month. In that time, my pain flared and I experienced very weird sleep cycles. I don’t want to say that there’s a link yet, but it’s worth noting.

The main question: Is my immune system being regulated or is my body fighting off the reishi mushroom? Am I poisoning myself?

The day finally came when I could get my reishi-free blood taken and I finally had my first shake this morning. I actually missed the taste and my husband and I really enjoy our shakes together before we get ready for the day.

I’m going to do an in depth look at Organo Gold as well as their product and cheaper alternatives. I’m absolutely in LOVE with their chocolate shake. I really want to find out why this one is so delicious.

I want to get into this weird mushroom drink in another post, especially how it relates to treating my fibromyalgia and chronic pain. I’ll put the link here when it’s finished in the next few days! 

For now, feel free to take a look at the Organo Gold link. They do other reishi-based items if you’re interested.

As for my blood work, I’ve been called into the office after I clarified that I’d make the appointment at my leisure unless it was important that I attend sooner. I have an appointment in the beginning of February, so I’ll report back then and see if the reishi mushroom really did elevate my white blood cell count.

Love and more!

P.S. A friend is staying over and we’re going to be sewing and starting up an etsy shop together! Stay posted!

P.P.S. I receive no benefits or payment from Organo Gold in any way. Just thought I’d be clear. 🙂