It’s finally over.

I can’t believe that I survived one of the most intense and freeing exercises of my near thirty years. I will not stress enough that 500 seems a little steep, but it really was the perfect number for this challenge.

After the first couple of days of this challenge, I had thrown out so much stuff but my donation box was looking a little sparse. I still couldn’t bring myself to donate anything that we might need.

That’s when I came across the Konmari method. I wrote about it in this post and it was exactly what I needed. Once I adapted the If it doesn’t bring joy, get rid of it mentality, I ran out of boxes for donations.

Soon, I decided to not include what I was recycling and tossing out in my totals. I was really starting to enjoy going through my things and deciding to donate it. I felt so free.

The house practically cleaned itself. The Konmari method inspires you to find a place for everything, so that everything has a place. If it brings you joy, find a home for it.

So here’s the full challenge for your consideration:

Joyfully Declutter your Home – 500 items in 14 days


  • If it doesn’t bring you joy, get it out of your home in the most environmentally friendly way possible (donate and recycle before tossing in the garbage)
  • If you absolutely need to keep it, put it in a box to the side for further sorting at a later time. As you go, getting rid of things will be easier so the box of random things can be revisited and further purged.
  • Ask for help when you need it, always. No heavy lifting!
  • Up to 100 items can be papers
  • 1 item counts as 1 item no matter the size unless it’s ridiculous (a pack of beads counts as one pack, not 50 tiny items)
  • Donate when you can, give away when you can, trash only what is necessary and recycle the rest.
  • It’s tempting to keep items for a garage sale, but that’s not the point of this challenge. If you’re having a garage sale within the time frame, then go for it. If it’s going outside that time frame, your challenge has been forfeit. The huge component of this challenge is the time frame so you must work within it.
  • You can declutter in your own way or break it down into sections or rooms. It’s works out to be about 35 items a day if that’s easier to manage
  • You can ask for help from your family with this challenge. My husband is currently in charge of 10 items and when I get those, it’ll be another 10. Small increments help to keep tasks light.

How you interact with this challenge:

  • Use the hashtag #declutter500in14 or tag me on any social media. I will try to respond to any entries that are involved in this challenge
  • Track your progress on your blog, in a notebook, or even keep your tally marks on a spare sheet of paper as you go
  • Anything goes, just keep looking for things to get rid of!
  • Reward yourself when you’re done!

You’re not going to believe this, but I barely touched my house. I still have so many rooms (not including the yard) to go; I hit 500 by the time I got to my third room. Well, by the time my husband helped me to the third room. The great thing is that you can have people sort while you point! 😉

I will definitely keep going with this mindset, it’s done wonders for my entire life including social media. You can actually read more about how its helped me find peace.

I have started to really enjoy my home and so is my husband. This is what is most important.