I never thought I’d find inner peace by throwing out my belongings, but that’s what is happening. I’m over halfway through the #declutter500in14 Challenge and I expected the basic results from taking this on, all ending with the physical removal of junk from my home.

The specific nature of this challenge allowed me to actually move on and let go of things that I would never have deleted from my life. Think of it like having a box under your bed of all the little treasures or hurtful reminders of past relationships.

I finally found the strength to ask, Are these things giving me joy? 

Everything within me shouted, “No!”, and I knew it was finally time to let go. I kept these things as a way to punish myself but going through this challenge has helped me to refine the process of throwing things out. In this case, it was the reminders.

I have even gone back to my ‘safe’ piles that need to be sorted and deleted more from those piles! It’s so freeing.

I have the ability to control much more than I ever anticipated.