An organized room is so much easier to clean and relax in!

When Gabriel and I moved into our home, we barely had enough to furnish our living room. Eventually, we upcycled so many pieces that our home is warm and very well decorated.

Along the way, I also collected enough junk to fill two rooms. It’s all good stuff, but I haven’t been able to part with it yet.

Not anymore!

As I go, throwing things out is getting so much easier. That’s part of the Konmari theory (and why you begin with clothing and end with personal keepsakes; the method is helping you to gradually make tougher decisions until you’re throwing out your un-joyous photographs.

Our home is on its way to being a safe haven without the clutter in just 6 days and the pile of curb treasures is just growing and growing! Now to wait for a non-rainy day to set them out and hope they disappear!

The official count tonight is 181 things in 6 days

This does not include heirlooms and other precious things that I do need to pack away for other people. Nor does it include the massive amount of stuff that I’m throwing out.

Seriously, the stuff that I’ve recycled and tossed out would easily double my number, but I feel like that’s cheating a bit.

Catch you later!