mom-1290656_1280Through, I found Homemaking Ministries. Jami Balmet, who founded both, created a free ecourse to help wives to really take charge in their homes, especially with the gospel in their hearts.

As you may know from my recent posts, I’m working on really being a homemaker.

I’m 27, it’s about time that I really learn how to take care of a home for myself, my husband, and our future family. I’m tired of being overwhelmed by housework – there has to be a better way!

I grew up poor but not lacking and I learned from a young age to keep everything so that I could have things to play with.

In fact, I have a hate on for the colour Dusty Rose because it was the only acrylic paint that we had in the house and it was the colour of all my school projects for the better part of a decade. Use what you have and it won’t cost you a penny.

…which is why I keep everything. (Not anymore!)

Anywho, I’m taking this e-course Finding Joy in your Home and the worksheet is here and it had some great questions on it that I never thought to ask my husband.

Gabriel has never taken an interest in the house so I just didn’t think it mattered unless he brought up an issue. So I asked him:

What’s one thing that we could do to make our home more peaceful and cozy?

There were suggestions of lighting candles, making sure that dinner is ready when he’s home, etc. The answer that my husband gave me was out of left field: Get rid of stuff.

bubble-bath-1266196_1280Our house isn’t like an episode of hoarders, but we do have a ton of stuff. My fabrics for sewing and my yarn stash take up an entire room. We have four sewing machines. Why?!

I was focusing so hard on what I could add that I never thought to take away. This just told me that I’m on the right track with my Challenge and learning how to really run a house.

If I want to clean less, just have less stuff. Then there’s more time for Bubble Baths!






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