Growing up never came with a teethbrushing routine, a homework routine, nor a chore list. My mother was so overwhelmed when it came to the house that I’ve never really experienced my home in any other way. It’s always been a mess and it’s always bothered me but I didn’t know how to go about changing my routine so that it wasn’t always a huge task to tidy my home.

In my late twenties, I’m only just now realizing just how important it is to know how to run your home. My home is mismanaged and I’m taking responsibility for it. It’s time that I learn key skills that I need to have an organized home and a well-run family.

I’ve been doing a lot of reading on and through some creative clicking, I came across this online course: Clutter-Free Academy, 500 things in 14 days. It’s not by, but it’s widely recommended across homemaker blogs.

Okay, I dont’ have the money (even if it is super cheap) to spend on this course, not when it means another meal for my family.

Mind you, I’m going to try this challenge on my own. Hopefully, I won’t lose focus and I’ll be able to really declutter our home. I’ve only heard good things about this course and they say that it really helps you to keep motivated.

I have no idea what her challenge is beyond the 500 in 14 days, so I’m going to add a few specifics of my own.

The Challenge: Declutter your home of 500 items in 14 days


  • Up to 100 items can be papers
  • 1 item counts as 1 item no matter the size unless it’s ridiculous (a pack of beads counts as one pack, not 50 tiny items)
  • Donate when you can, give away when you can, trash only what is necessary and recycle the rest.
  • It’s tempting to keep items for a garage sale, but that’s not the point of this challenge. If you’re having a garage sale within the time frame, then go for it. If it’s going outside that time frame, your challenge has been forfeit. The huge component of this challenge is the time frame so you must work within it.
  • You can declutter in your own way or break it down into sections or rooms. It’s works out to be about 35 items a day if that’s easier to manage
  • You can ask for help from your family with this challenge. My husband is currently in charge of 10 items and when I get those, it’ll be another 10. Small increments help to keep task light.

How you interact with this challenge:

  • Use the hashtag #declutter500in14 or tag me on any social media. I will try to respond to any entries that are involved in this challenge
  • Track your progress on your blog, in a notebook, or even keep your tally marks on a spare sheet of paper as you go
  • Anything goes, just keep looking for things to get rid of!
  • Reward yourself when you’re done!

Hopefully this challenge will help me to really get a handle on the amount of crap that I have in my house. I will take photos as I go and I will report back soon!