Missy really enjoys being a part of the crafting process
Missy really enjoys being a part of the crafting process

I remember working with plastic canvas when I was a small child. My grandmother was a whiz with it and decorated everyone’s homes with bursts of yarn and tacky-ness.

Yes, most of those old patterns are incredibly tacky.

However, she had a skill with this medium that allowed her to make us Barbie furniture from old patterns.

This was awesome to play with as a kid!
This was awesome to play with as a kid!

This stuff is awesome! I can’t wait to find more of these patterns to keep going to expand the Barbie house to a Barbie Mansion, but first I need to focus on the basics.

There’s nothing more basic than a bookmark.

If you’re curious about working with plastic canvas, check out this how-to. 🙂

So I found a large piece of random plastic canvas that just so happened to be the perfect length and width for my beautiful journal.

I wanted to put a religious note on there because I usually journal before bed and I’ve turned to God for many reasons lately. I find the easiest time to pray is before bed, but it’s also the time when I can’t seem to stop thinking.

Giving it to God and going to sleep is exactly what I need to see in large letters. Sometimes, I need a reminder that is less subtle than usual to get it through my thick head.

You can draw out a pattern or get some beautiful variegated yarn and hot glue some beads to it. Just remember that it needs to not damage the book that you use it in.


I did hot glue some dark grey felt to the back of the bookmark to hide the messy work and awkward colour changes. I also added an i-pin so that I could attach my lovely little handmade dragonfly charm.

Google Image Search is your best friend when it comes to plastic canvas patterns, especially because many plastic canvas projects can be made using embroidery patterns.

The other great thing about plastic canvas is that it’s kid-friendly. You don’t need a darning needle to make this work for them. Tape the end of the yarn that you wish to sew with and cut the tip off so that one end is pointed. That will act as your needle.

I can’t wait to get started on so many really neat projects! 151 pokemon in plastic canvas here I come!