Happy Canadian Thanksgiving Weekend…wait, the store is closed Monday, right? Crap.

Thanksgiving is coming up, and lets face it – none of us are going to sit down and read about Thanksgiving on Thanksgiving.

What good is an apple cobbler recipe when you’re rushed and seven people are complaining how hungry they are, but the potatoes aren’t done yet…

Ahhh…the rush of the holidays.

As a family, we’ve been getting away from that more and more over the past few years. Thanksgiving (plus Christmas and Easter) has always had this huge meal that we could never finish and no one wanted to cook, host, or clean up after. It just sounds exhausting.

So we downsized: we went from “Martha Stewart-esque” Turkey dinner to a large family homecooked meal. From there we went to frozen lasagnas. Now we’ve moved to having tea with the added pleasure of having a fire in the evening. Everyone brings their own beverage, we all pick a spot, and we just can be together.

Isn’t that what the holiday is all about anyways?

Who says that you need a turkey to connect to your family members?


Now onto the apple crumble recipe! You don’t have to use a specific type of apple because this recipe is great on its own or as a treat with ice cream.

  1. Cut your apples so they’re all bite size – whatever that looks like for you. You only have to peel them if you want to.
  2. Toss them into a bowl with a bit of lemon juice, a dash of salt, a nice drizzle of corn syrup and/or molasses, about 1/4 cup of white sugar, and a handful of flour. Mix that all together and place into a baking dish. (Honestly, I do everything in the same dish because doing dishes sucks!)
  3. Make your topping: Equal parts butter or margerine, flour, and sugar. Some people like a lot of the cookie topping and by understanding the ratio behind the recipe, you can easily scale it up without worry.
  4. Bake in an oven at 350 degrees C until it’ done. It’s done when the apples bubble and the topping is nice and golden. (About 40 minutes).

This is a really difficult recipe to mess up. It’s also one of the recipes that most people who can make Kraft dinner can make apple crumble.

Beware! – Eat a piece of each apple before you add it to your bowl. There are some pretty terrible Ontario apples that are unusually mealy this year. Why go through all that work to create a dessert with a terrible ingredient?

I’ve been making this dessert every few days and my husband and bestie can’t get enough of it. Cheers!

Have a safe and happy holiday from us at the BBH family!