Cleo, who very clearly feels betrayed.

Crochet is my new favourite medium!

While I’m not the best at it, I’m slowly finding my pace and the projects keep getting more and more ambitious. Okay, a cat hat really isn’t that ambitious, but until this project, I had never created anything with purposeful chaining beyond stitch creation.

Best way to learn a new skill? Repetition.

Halfway through, I began to understand the pattern differences between crocheting for a flat circle and a circle for a curved project. While you’re learning, it’s not uncommon to have aha! moments, especially when it comes to a task where eventually you can get lost in the hand movements of your craft.

That being said, this crochet craft was hilariously simple to follow and the results were equally amusing. Click here to reach this wonderful FREE crochet pattern from

Have you ever seen a cat give up on life and accept the costume that you’ve put on them?

14547801_1735900549996534_980552479764643840_nThis was the first picture that I took and Cleo absolutely hated it, but eventually she saw it as a toy and its been added as part of the household.

The only thing about the pattern that I would change is the stem with the vine – it didn’t curl as much as I wanted it to, I might have to sew it in place. I think I will actually add a few thinner ones – rule of three, after all. Maybe make the stem brown and leave the vine green?

Either way, this was a great project and it makes the house a little more festive, no? 😛

Have you ever put a costume on your pet? Did you take a picture? I’d love to hear about it!


Coming soon – more crochet and probably some good news