Me and the Hubs

I can’t believe I’ve been married over a year!

For those of you who haven’t been keeping track of me, I became a Mrs around this time last year. Let me tell you – it’s been a hell of a ride! There is such a big difference between being married and simply being in a relationship and I certainly wasn’t ready for the jump in how much I could love one person.

If you’ve been following me on my instagram, then you can skip the following bullet points:

In the past year that I’ve been married;

  • I’ve been fighting for my Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) to be acknowledged as a person with a disability due to comorbid diagnoses
  • I’ve planted and tended to another full garden with the help (SO MUCH HELP! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!) and guidance of many people
  • I’ve stopped allowing others to take advantage of me and I’ve effectively set out and maintain boundaries
  • I’ve lost an incredible amount of weight without dieting, merely living better
  • I’ve been granted a license for MMJ and I’ve been pursuing the healing science behind this plant
  • I’ve also been learning more about the medicinal and healing properties of local plants and herbs – super cool stuff!

This year, we’ve also fought off utility cut-offs, the passing of a few notable people, and a few other losses.

We make do with what we have and now that I’m making things more and learning to repurpose, nothing goes to waste. Learning to be creative with what you’re given is part of being an adult, I find.

Coming up: Easy Soup Recipe (Kitchen Sink Style!) and Crocheting Hats for the Changing Weather