I can’t sew. I imagine that there are plenty of us mourning the loss of this necessary skill of a bygone era. It’s not to late to learn, you know!

But that’s not why you’re here.

You’re here because you need to put together a Sailor Moon Costume for cheap and also with no sewing.

Total amount spent on costume ($40)


I made this costume using the following:

  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Super Glue
  • Velcrow (The stick-on stuff)
  • A single Ebay Item (the tiara)
  • Value Village
  • Value Village at Halloween
  • The Dollar Store at Christmas
  • Stuff I had on hand

Lets get working!

You need a few actual pieces to complete this costume:

  1. Shoes – I actually created ‘boot covers’ from an old shirt and they were just plain flats. Make sure to upgrade something simple and comfortable.
  2. Christmas Bows – two (one smaller and one larger – the larger one with longer tails)
  3. Tiara – I got mine off of ebay for $10. I’m also wearing earrings that I purchased from the same vendor. The earrings aren’t necessary, but they’re a nice touch.
  4. Gloves – Get these at The Stag Shop (or any adult store) if you’re over 18, or get them from Value Village around Halloween Time.
  5. White Workout Shirt – This can also be a body suit if you prefer. As long as it’s a V-neck (I had a circular neckline and it was so much of a hassle to fix it!). Try to get a stretchy material and make sure it’s comfortable!
  6. Blue Rushed Skirt – I had a heck of a time finding the skirt. I grabbed it for $2 at a Value Village. It was actually a floor length skirt and I just cut it. If you can’t find a blue one, try a tennis skirt and dye it blue.
  7. Stretchy Red Shirt with long sleeves – From Value Village.
  8. If you don’t have super long hair, you can pick up hair extensions for cheap. The two ponytails are extensions that cost me $5 each. Remember, this is a costume – it doesn’t have to be real hair.
  9. Salor Moon’s Medallion – I used an old “Birthday Girl” button that lit up when you hit a button. You can use almost anything including a piece of foam board with a pin on the back. Use your imagination!
  10. Hair Spray, Bobby pins, Hair ties, Brush, Scissors, Foam Tape, Sticky Velcro, Hot Glue Gun (with glue), white christmas ribbon, yellow foam (cheapy foam sheets from the dollar store)

Okay – I think that’s it!sailormoon02

Before buying anything, make sure to raid your closets and your storage spaces! I found my bows, my red shirt, and my odango jewelry in my storage!

Start with the skirt:

  1. Try on the skirt and then decide what length you want it to be. Remember: Conventions are often windy!
  2. Make a little cut at the length you want it to be and then take the skirt off.
  3. Lay the skirt down and find the small cut you made, put the small cut at one side of the skirt and make sure that the skirt is completely flat.
  4. Cut the skirt across from one side to the other. You may want to do this in stages.
  5. Gather your larger scraps, they’re going to be used for another part of your costume

Next is the shirt:

  1. Wash and dry your shirt – this will help you in the long run.
  2. Cut the sleeves to look like cap sleeves. It’s super easy: Just cut the sleeves on an angle with the lowest point on the outer part of the arm, and the highest part in the armpit. Don’t make it too extreme of an angle. You can always cut them differently depending on your tastes!
  3. Hot glue the edges of the sleeves into place to stop them from running. With some shirts, you can actually skip this step. It doesn’t work too well with hot glue, so you may want to try some fabric glue. I didn’t have any at the time.

Next is the Blue Sash around the neck:

  1. This is going to be made from one of the scraps from the skirt.
  2. Iron out the fabric until it’s completely flat.
  3. Get a friend to help you with this if you need it – Drape the fabric around your shoulders and using chalk (or something else that rubs off), make marks as to where you want it to fall on your shoulders. Some people want the sash to go across to the edged of their shoulders, others don’t.
  4. Cut the sash to look like a bib with a bit of extra length at the front (meaning the parts that hang over the front, the “arms”). Make sure to check it against your white shirt to make sure they work well together.
  5. Edge the sash with hot glue or fabric glue like you did the the shirt.
  6. Measure white ribbon and create the following pattern across the back of the bib:
  7. Use hot glue to secure the ribbon.

Next are the boots:

  1. Here’s what you’re going to be doing – hot gluing a red fabric to the edges of your shoes. It’s easy to peel off of most shoes but this may ruin them. Be careful!
  2. Cut the arms off your red shirt – remember that it has to be a stretchy shirt or else your “boots” won’t stay up.
  3. Slip the smaller arm hole onto your leg.
  4. Put your shoe on.
  5. Glue the fabric to the underside edge of the shoe. If there’s too much fabric, then cut some off. Make sure that both “boots” are the same length though.
  6. Add Ribbon (like you did with the sash) and hot glue it down. Take yellow foam and create half moons to attach with hot glue.

Making the choker:

  1. Cut a strip of red fabric from your red shirt scraps (boots) and stretch it around your neck.
  2. Add velcro to the two ends
  3. Adhere a yellow foam half moon with hot glue in the middle of the choker.

Making the Pendant in the middle of the bow:

  1. Using Foam, cut out a circle. You can have multiple layers to build a bit of thickness to it.
  2. Find a large gem to hot glue in the middle.
  3. Glue on a safety pin.
  4. Pin to the middle of your bow.

Putting everything together:

  1. Put on your shirt and your skirt.
  2. Grab your bib and cut 1 inch pieces of your sticky velcro.
  3. Adhere the velcro to your chest where you would like your bow to go.
  4. Adhere the other piece of velcro to the bow, and stick it on. Simple!
  5. Adhere the velcro to your chest alongside your ‘V neck’, making sure to hide it under the bow. This is where the “arms” of the bib that you made will come down. You’re creating the illusion that everything is attached by hiding it under your bow. You can cut off any excess fabric that you may have. Put the “bib” on and adhere the velcro to the places on the bib where the vecro is stuck on your chest.
  6. Adhere a large piece (2″) of velcro to the very back of your skirt on the “belt”. This will be where your back bow will be attached. Put on the corresponding piece of velcro on the bow and attach.
  7. Grab the arm pieces of fabric that you cut from your boots (or if you didn’t have any, use some fabric from the unused shirt parts), attach them in a round with hot glue, making sure that it’ll fit on your arm. The trick is to roll the fabric or fold it over itself a couple of times to really give it shape. Slide that up your arm then put on your gloves. I liked that these weren’t attached to my gloves so that I could use them another time. These are the top red parts of her gloves.
  8. Put on your new boots.
  9. Put on your choker.
  10. Put on your purchased tiara. You can certainly make one, but this really made the costume for me.
  11. Do your hair. I highly recommend some practice before you’re getting ready to go out. Take a look at the following video for a tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hW-0Swfu4lc
  12. Put in your homemade (can be made with cheap pins, hot glue and foam) odango jewelry.
  13. Put on some body glide, a pair of bike shorts, or even a bikini bottom under your skirt, because people WILL see up your skirt.


You’re done!



Did you end up making a no-sew version of a Sailor Scout? Let me know by leaving a comment!