Day 25 : The reason you believe you’re still alive today

A couple of years ago, thanks to my ex-boyfriend, Trevor, I managed to slip into a self-hating state of depression where I actually tried to throw myself off the balcony.

I tried to, and it is tried, because Trevor came home and managed to stop me by pulling me back inside. I can imagine that going through this wasn’t the easiest thing on him, but he never seemed to do anything but criticize.

The reason why I believe I’m still alive today isn’t because of my friends at the time, it’s not because of the treatment that I received, or even the strength that I’ve shown to get through this…it goes farther back than that. (Okay, it was also all of those things, but for the sake of how awesome this lady is, I’m going to just go with it)

I made a friend at a workplace. She is an absolutely wonderful person and I love her dearly. The reason why I believe that I’m still alive today it because of her. She talked me into getting help; she sat with me in the ER while I told the doctor that I had tried to throw myself into traffic that very day.

She actually drove me to my appointments to find out what was wrong with me. She offered me up her house when things were going terribly with Trevor and she’s still a great friend of mine.

She loving and amazing woman truly is the reason why I’m still here today. She’s the reason that I managed to get help and get myself out of the deep hole that I’m still trying to climb out of.

So, thank you. I cherish you more than you could possibly know and I would like to thank you for being my friend.

I love you, M.