Day 19 : What do you think of religion?

I started this off as a ‘How Religion Shaped my Life’ thing, but then I realized that’s not the point of this article. It’s what do I think of religion.e61d4d31572828dc7f23a7dc656fbaeb

I used to think that organized religion (namely Catholicism) was for crackpots and fools. At a very young age, I identified as a Pagan because the idea of Mother Earth and worldly energies just made more sense to me and didn’t condemn me as a woman.

It still doesn’t makes sense to me that people need a moral scapegoat to live their lives.

Oh no, I slept with my wife’s sister! Say three ‘Our Fathers’ and all is forgiven. 

I’m not okay with that.

Religion as a whole seems like such a foreign concept to me. How can someone believe with their entire being and not demand any proof?

While religions say they provide proof (ex/the bible, holy relics, etc.), I still need something a little more substantial. I don’t expect religion to prove every inch of their teachings, but I feel that it needs to be based in reality at least. The only proof I need as a Pagan is: Why do the plants grow? Nature.

Religion, despite identifying as a Pagan, still really confuses me. I feel as if I’m missing something – that maybe I didn’t genetically receive a strand of DNA that allows me to become one of those crazy religious people with the need to force their beliefs on others or suffer the consequences.

I almost feel as if I’m standing outside of it all. I can see people dying every day from their religious beliefs. Don’t they see how sacred life is? Don’t they understand that it doesn’t matter what you believe in, as long as you give others respect as human beings?

It also blows my mind that we have absolutely no idea what happens to us after death. While there are accounts of people who have died, they get filed under the ‘wingnut’ category. This terrifies me so no end. Why can no one actually tell us what happens? 

I’m not better or worse than anyone. I almost feel as if organized religion is that magical thing that is missing from my life that would give it the fullness that I’m looking for.

TL;DR I used to think  that religion was stupid, but now I’m not so sure.