Day 12 : Something you never get compliments on

I don’t actually have an answer for this. I get compliments on everything that seems to be important.

I get complimented on my ideas, my smarts, my curves, my laugh, my eyes…the list keeps going. It’s easy when you have a wonderful man in your life and he’s vocal about how much he loves you. I can’t walk into a room without him saying, “I love the way your/you ________” or “I love your ______”fd68d48a7629c85a2ac12772e0a83b20

I’ve never been complimented on my large feet, but I like them.

I’ve never been complimented on my earlobes…I don’t think.

 I’m really at a loss here.

As much as I don’t actually feel comfortable accepting compliments, I do receive quite a few of them.

I’ve even been complimented on the evenness while cutting carrots. Who does that shit?

Just kidding. It was awesome. 

Actually, I just had a thought. Maybe I get overly complimented because I’m fat. Maybe other people think that they need to try harder to help my self-esteem?

Aww…poor fat girl. I have to say something nice, “I…umm…like your earlobes. They’re really…’in’ this season”

Me: *la la la la la* Mmner…

It’s 3Am and I’m tired. I’m just leaving this silly post right here on a schedule so that I don’t have to think about it.


One step further in the writing challenge! Here we go!