Garden Vines


It’s no big secret that my days are tougher than most; with the heat, my body has really decided to go against me.

In times like these, you really need the small victories to pull you through. My victory for the day is my garden. I should say our garden because it wouldn’t have been possible without the hardwork by my MIL and SIL!

I’ve had a really difficult time keeping plants alive, never mind keeping gardens alive. I’ve posted up my garden pictures on my instagram last time my niece was here helping my MIL and I water all the plants. SO CUTE!

In this garden, we have a total of NINETEEN tomato plants. That’s right. Nineteen.

Many of these were free plants gifted from various people. Some are from my SIL in St. Catharines (who were gited from her MIL), some are from a woman up the street, and some are from the nursery.

Garden Path
Our ‘organic’ path surrounded by tomato plants

There’s a patch of garden that isn’t shown in my photos and we have two types of lettuce growing there as well as plenty of beautiful flowers and a tree separating the two beds.

Garden Large Tomatoes
The largest tomato plants

After much deliberation and going through a few backyard garden ideas, we decided on the raised vegetable beds. This was because our soil is so sandy that we had to add heaps of compost to even get the soil nice enough for it to grow anything.

BEST GARDENING TIP EVER: Compost everything! If you are worried that you may not have enough compost, add more. If you think you have enough, add more.

For the garden border edging, we didn’t do anything. We grabbed some fences from the dollar store (six pieces for $3!) and went at it! There’s so much cute garden decoration stuff at the dollar store that my MIL just had to grab the sweetest little cat.

Garden Cat
The cutest kitty in the garden with beans

We have quite a variety of garden vegetables despite (me) not knowing how to garden. I don’t know how to grow herbs. I don’t know how to grow vegetables. All of this is just a big experiment. Did I know that you’re supposed to grow lettuce in bunches? Nope! I just poured the seeds in and let it go!

Will they survive? I’ll let you know!

Originally this was going to be a large garden, but for now, it’s staying relatively small. I’ve been watching Youtube garden tips and I can’t believe how much I’ve learned!

So far, we have the following:

  • 19 tomato plants
  • 3 zucchini plants (and waiting for more to come up)
  • 15-ish bean stalks
  • a bunch of failed parsley
  • 2 types of lettuce (one we’re waiting on, it may be a fail)
  • Many chocolate mint plants
  • Many spearmint plants
  • A lovely thyme plant
  • 1 eggplant plant (that felt a little redundant)

These are all relatively easy vegetables to grow.

The kitchen herb garden section is a little closer to our front door and is in the same bed as the morning glories growing up the fence in the first picture.

The great thing about this garden is that we have a daycare during the week. This allows the children that play outside to really see nature in action. The other day, one of the kids was really getting into weeding with my SIL. Mind you, he was just tossing the stuff she handed him in a pile, but he really enjoyed it. Not too many people think of gardening for kids.

TIP: If you’re gardening and you have children that play in the backyard, make sure to buy garden fences or else your plants aren’t going to make it. They will be trampled!

I’ve really started to think of this garden as my baby. It really helps my fibromyalgia because it allows me to get some movement into my day, I get a reap the healthy benefits, and I get wonderful organic produce. Not to mention that the puppy loves to bake in the hot sun; he is a great motivator to get my sunhat on and tend to the plants.

Garden Tomato