Burning. My chest is on fire. I can’t breathe. I’m gonna get sick. So dizzy. I can’t breathe. So cold. My arms all tingly. Panic. I can’t breathe. Burning. Cold.

I grabbed a clonazepam with shaky hands and quickly downed it.

I was terrified that I couldn’t calm down. My heart pounding in my chest.

Oh god, am I having a heart attack?

I hopped into the bath to warm myself up and calm myself down and called telehealth.

I got a call back in less than two minutes.

After talking to me for a bit, my chest pain hadn’t gone away. It’s been over twenty minutes now and in still had trouble breathing.

Telehealth: “I highly recommend that you call 911. I will patch you through. Do you accept this recommendation?”

She had to talk me into it. I don’t want to call an ambulance if it’s nothing, but then again, I can’t breathe. But I don’t want to be a whiner…

“Do you accept my recommendation?”

The paramedics were here within minutes. They brought me into the ambulance and I instantly was strapped in, given aspirin and an IV.

I was also given a cardio gram that registered my heart rate over 120bpm.

The ride was bumpy and I almost vomited everywhere, but all in all, it was okay. The paramedic I had was cute, so that made it a little better.

After tests and being hooked up to another cardio gram, I was told that my heart was fine. Thank god

Now, I get to find out why all of this happened by means of my family doctor. Yet another long adventure in the world of the doctors.

I’m so happy we have free health care.

Awkward family tradition time!20140609-164522-60322897.jpg

Hospital selfie.


I wasn’t happy.


UPDATE JULY 2014: Thank you all for the wonderful feedback on my hospital selfie! I wasn’t kidding when I said it was a family tradition. 😉 I’m glad to see that it’s catching on! While being in the hospital is nothing to joke about, it’s great to have a smile in the ER.