Last Time on Applying for Disability:

At least we’re able to keep a roof over our heads and have some food on the table – all $54 dollars worth after we pay our rent. It’s going to be tight living from here on out.

This week: A bone scan, Ontario Works hoops, and a hopeful misdiagnosis

About two weeks ago, my rheumatologist called me. As in, we had a meeting on the phone.

He told me that he was ordering me a bone scan.

A bone scan is a test where you are injected with radiation (the non-superhero kind) and they take glamour shots of your insides…okay, your bones to be exact.

There are two waves of tests since the machines pick up more than just your bones.ThinnerPage

The first test was about 15 minutes with Gabriel accompanying me every step of the way. I had mentioned, okay, frantically muttered that I was really afraid of getting the injection.

Gabriel burst into my favourite songs that I sing as I was getting my injection. He sang my song that I sing about the family cat, Missy, and he sang our personal rendition of Let It Go from Frozen.

I wanted so much to sing along but you aren’t allowed to budge an inch. They even strap you down and put an elastic around your feet.

We left for two hours to Ikea, mostly to play in the showrooms and dreaming of our future kitchens. Upon returning, I pulled off my bra and my boots and I was strapped in for the main test that lasted about 45 minutes.

It was the coolest thing I’ve ever seen – I was able to see the screen at various points, and I could actually see the photos that were being taken.

I did a bit of research on this test so that I would know what to look for – apparently if the radiation pools or completely avoids certain places then there’s something wrong.

My body, from the pictures that I saw, lit up like a Christmas tree. Bright white pools of radiation in most of my joints. (I say most because I didn’t get to see all the pictures).

Mind you, the doctor is saying that I may have been diagnosed incorrectly the first time and I may have Rheumatoid Arthritis. While this is a good thing because it’s widely known, I really do not want to have this condition.

So now, I wait for my appointment (that I have to make this week) and find out about my diagnosis.

Now onto Ontario Works:

We received a letter from OW on Friday of the Easter weekend saying that our account had been suspended. It says that we neglected to provide information. Anything beyond that was gibberish.

I frantically called our worker who was gone by the time we got the letter, stating that we had no idea what was going on.

We also received a letter saying that we had missed an appointment and it had been rescheduled.

If this appointment were connected to the letter we received, why did we get a rebooking and the letter? Why not just the rebooking?

This is just government workers making more work for themselves…Oh well.

Tomorrow I’m off to get my bone scan results! I’m nervous but I can’t wait to see what my Rheumy says!