I’ve taken a bit of a break from blogging. So much has been happening in my daily life that it’s difficult to sort what I would like to talk about first.

I waffled so much between what topic would take priority over the others.

Would it be my recent doctors visits?
Maybe the lovely email that I received from a reader that made me burst into happy tears?
What about our recent dive into wedding retail hell?

All of these are topics that are on my list, but I had to break the cycle somewhere. What better way to do so than with a celebration!

May the fourth (be with you) was and still is the date that we set for our wedding. Yes, right about now, I was to be walking down the aisle towards the love of my life, ready to be Mrs. Gabe for the rest of my life.

What happened? My health.

I was making really really good money when the planning for this wedding started. Eventually, my health deteriorated at such a rate that I had to give up my job; thus starting the moneyless year from hell.

In all honesty, it’s not that bad. We get by, we just don’t get to order in as often as we’d like and we really watch our pees and cues.

…and our bills started piling up.

…and my health was getting worse.

…then our money supply ran out.

We made the adult choice to send our notices that we were postponing our wedding until further notice and that we really did want to get married soon.

All of our wedding budget was allocated to our credit cards and bills.

Gabriel refers to me as his wife in all things; we are married but not on paper as of yet.

The weird thing is that today is actually still our one year anniversary. Today was the day that we said I love you for the first time.

I know this for a fact because I used to screenshot our conversations when he would say something cute or important – this was one of those times.

Thank goodness for date stamps.

I wanted to sleep today away out of embarrassment for postponing our wedding, but I woke up to a beautiful basket of gifts from the family!

It said along the lines of, Don’t worry, marriage is a state of mind. Happy would-be anniversary

I almost cried. It was absolutely wonderful!

So there you have it, our anniversary. We’re spending today with all the windows open to let in the sunshine.

Have a bright day, everyone.