194006696418570521_OOBldYXd_cLast time on Applying for Disability:

When I finally reached our worker, she told me that she could see us the next day. GREAT! We have everything that we needed, according to the original print off that I was given for my first appointment and all information she had given us from that moment on.

This time on Applying for Disability:

We finally got into our appointment. It was early, so we hadn’t eaten yet, I hadn’t slept due to pain, and we were just glad to finally be onto the next step of the application.

The next step is the doctor’s package where they fill out your diagnosis and send it off to whomever need to see it. The amount of relief that I experienced as we stepped into her office was amazing. The stress melted off of me as I sat in-front of the desk, waiting for us to get started.

We pulled out all of our information that was needed and we started the appointment. It was at this point that she started start piling the stress back on.

“Where’s the Notice of Assessment?”

“It’s right here, you also were faxed a copy of it.”

This isn’t a Notice of Assessment”

“Yes, it is. See – it says at the top in bold letters. Notice. Of. Assessment. 2013”

“No, you need a DD3.”

“I’m sorry? A what?” I did a quick google search and the Government of Canada Website didn’t have this elusive form on their website.

Yeah. And you need another copy of the Notice of Assessment 2013″

I took it in stride. Okay, I can handle this. It’s ok, Celeste. Keep going with the appointment and finish what you can.

She filled in various forms on her computer and I shifted myself forward when I saw something on the screen, “Excuse me, does spelling matter when it comes to our applications?”

“Of course. It’s very important.”

“You spelled my name wrong, his name wrong, both of our last names wrong, and you spelled our address wrong.”


It’s okay – you caught it. It’s fine, just get through this appointment.

We handed her our updated banking information and it was a print off from Gabriel’s bank that stated all of his accounts. She immediately threw the paper on to the desk.

“I can’t read it if it’s not an official bank statement”

“You took all of my statements and it even says on the original appointment sheet that they can be print offs.”

“I just don’t understand them if they’re not official”

I was ready to stab someone at this point. My hips were pressed into the too small chairs and I was in so much pain from the stress of that morning. She was giving us attitude because she couldn’t read a perfectly legible and self-explanatory print off just because it came from a home printer.

She left to get some papers and I broke down. I couldn’t handle it; I started crying.

I got on the phone right away with the government to ask for the sheets that we were missing and it turns out that this DD3 doesn’t come with a Notice of Assessment and that it’s special request only. Are you kidding me?  I wanted to request any and all forms while I was there with my worker so that I could make sure that this wouldn’t happen again.

When she walked back in, she saw my face and walked back out because she forgot to grab something. She came back with the next sequence of forms for my doctor.

“I spoke to my manager and she said that I could give you the next package of forms.”


It’s been two weeks since I’ve dropped them off at my rheumatologist’s office and we’ve only just received the mysterious DD3 form with the Notice of Assessment for Gabriel.

We didn’t expect that all of this would take this long…money is getting tighter. We don’t have enough for rent next month…oh god.

Stay tunes for the next Applying for Disability!