Last time on Applying for Disability:

It’s been two weeks since I’ve dropped [my doctor’s disability forms] off at my rheumatologist’s office and we’ve only just received the mysterious DD3 form with the Notice of Assessment for Gabriel.

We didn’t expect that all of this would take this long…money is getting tighter. We don’t have enough for rent next month…oh god.

This time on Applying for Disability:

We’ve gotten to that point where we are worried about making rent for the end of the month. I applied for Ontario Works in the middle of the whole disability debacle and no one ever got back to me.

Eventually, I called them to see the status of my application.

They told me I wasn’t eligible.


“Oh wait – let me check something. It seems that your information was put into the system incorrectly. Now that I’ve fixed it, you’re eligible. You have an appointment at the end of the week.”

It was painless after fixing my disability worker’s mistakes. I’m so fed up with dealing with the government at this point, but I organized all my paperwork and I felt like I was ready for anything!

We hauled ass to the government building that was incredibly far from our house, arrived early, had multiple copies of all of our documents and walked in with our heads held high.

We were introduced to our intake officer and she was a blast! We were completely finished with no missing parts or missing forms within twenty minutes. We could make rent for the month!

We looked at each other and then back at the intake officer in disbelief, “Are you sure we’re not missing anything? Really?”

“You have all the paper work and all the copies of everything. You’re good to go.”

I almost started crying; I love people who are competent.

So now we’re on Ontario Works – I know that I said I’d never be on it, but it’s a different section of Ontario Works that is only available to those applying for disability. It took a LOT of willpower and swallowing my pride to even apply online for welfare.

I spoke about it in this post that I wrote a while ago.

At least we’re able to keep a roof over our heads and have some food on the table – all $54 dollars worth after we pay our rent. It’s going to be tight living from here on out.