Doctor Who Xmas Special 2006 - IDown.MeAccording to the Canadian Government, if you live with someone when applying for disability and they are not your children, then automatically, they are your spouse. This could be a roommate or even a tenant. Everyone in the household has to be covered.

Of course, I didn’t know this when I first applied, since Gabriel and I are not married yet or in a common-law relationship.

So after my worker explained that we were married in the eyes of the government, we were sent off with a request to get all the same information that took me a month to gather for Gabriel. Ugh – really?

We were getting all the trouble of being married, while not actually being able to enjoy marriage.

Okay, so that’s just one more hoop to jump through. We can do this.

It took us months to gather the proper information; Gabriel had to do his taxes for the past few years, so that’s what held us up. We were finally armed with a notice of assessment, all of our bills, credit card statements, identification, and a nice muffin basket just in case someone was peckish.

That last one was sarcastic, but I’m surprised that they didn’t ask for something along those lines since they asked for everything else.

I called a few times, but my worker never called me back. When I did catch her, she told me she was in training and would call me back the next day. I didn’t see a phone call, but a voice mail appeared on my phone after a few weeks.

We were told we could fax everything off as soon as it was prepared. I made sure that everything was clear and labelled and we faxed it off.


We had no word from the office until I called them the next week, the day after I’d found our fax sent back to us by mail (even though our contact information as on it) saying that it didn’t fax clearly. Then sent us back half of the sheets that didn’t look clear but kept the others – we assumed they had gone through (they were official documents versus print-offs).

When I finally reached our worker, she told me that she could see us the next day. GREAT! We have everything that we needed, according to the original print off that I was given for my first appointment and all information she had given us from that moment on.