Since my last post, life has gone downhill quite steadily.

There was one amazingly bright light before it all went bad, but that is a completely different post expressing how grateful I am to two of the most wonderful people in my life.

All that aside, this is my rant on how life sucks.

In the past week, my disability claim has moved on but also taken five steps back. We faxed in all the information they asked for and when we went in, it still wasn’t enough. We needed this form and that form and let’s just add a fucking Christmas turkey on there shall we!?!

I actually started crying during the meeting because I was so frustrated.

I can’t reach anyone from Ontario Works even though I applied over a month ago – oh to swallow your pride. No one there will give me the light of day despite the fact that –


Both of our EI cheques have run out and we are trying to scrape together rent for next month. I may have to start selling stuff. Goodbye DVDs.

ON TOP OF THAT (Whew! This is exhausting) my computer blue screened. It’s now just a pile of junk so now I can’t move forward with the Foggy Frog stuff like I wanted.

ON TOP OF THAT, my body has decided to go all funky and my hands stopped working properly. I was making banana bread and I used too much force, my hand went wonky, and there was banana bread batter all over my backsplash. Not to mention throwing up the past few days and the constant migraines.

Yes, there’s more.

Our front hall is leaking water like crazy. Our home isn’t finished. The light fixture in our kitchen is busted so we have no light to work by except with the overhead stove light.

My youngest sister is ignoring me for god knows why. I just hope she’s ok.

My dog has tooth abscesses and that’s going to cost $1600 to fix after he finished his antibiotics.

I can’t afford the money that it will cost me to have my doctor fill out my disability paperwork. Turns out that he will charge me around $150. Great.

We’re eating sale pasta and trying to keep our heads up.

Throughout this whole ordeal, I know we’ll be ok. This is almost the worst I’ve been ever but I have Gabriel who is job searching like crazy and I’m trying to figure out how to make some extra money (bake for people maybe, babysit?) that doesn’t kill me too badly.

I have friends that I can look to for reassurance and smiles. All I have to do is keep my head up and carry on.