foggy frogI would like to talk to you about Fibromyalgia. Okay, I talk about that all the time – but when was the first time you’d ever heard of an invisible illness? I first heard about Fibromyalgia when I was a little girl and my father told me that it was a mental condition and there really wasn’t anything wrong with these people. Was he ever wrong!

Millions of women and men live each day with invisible illnesses, struggling to get the help that they need. As many of you know, the first step in tearing down stigma is education. Megan from My Chronic Life Journey has decided to take that calling to the next level and start educating people through children’s books. What better way to start educating than with the youth of our nations!

Thankfully, I am fully aboard this campaign as a team member and I am so grateful for this opportunity. Currently, I’m flyering and promoting through social networks as well as pleading with close friends and family members for support.

But why? Why is this so important to me?

Not only do I live the painful reality with Foggy Frog and Friends, but I have experienced the stigma that goes along with it – people believe that I shouldn’t be in pain because I’m young, people believe that I’m just looking for pills to get high, people actually believe that I’m faking it to get money from the government.

These are wide-spread opinions and nothing is more important to me than education. I am truly passionate about this and I would really appreciate it if you could pledge any amount (even $1 helps) to this cause.

If there is anyone in the Toronto Area willing to pledge, I will be having a Foggy Frog Celebration party once the kickstarter is finished (and has a full pledge). If you would like more information, please let me know!

For more information on the Kickstarter, watch the video!

Visit The Kickstarter Page to PLEDGE!

* How Does Kickstarter Work?

It’s pretty simple:

– We set a goal ($7,500AUS)
– We set a deadline (March 28)
– You pledge whatever you can to help us reach that goal.
– Bigger pledges get bigger rewards from us (like a beautiful and unique handmade ukulele for example)
– If we reach (or hopefully far exceed) our goal by the deadline, your credit card is charged, we get our funding, and you get the cool reward you chose.
– If we don’t reach our goal by the deadline, your credit card is NOT charged, and you do NOT get the cool rewards.
– It’s okay to exceed our goal (in which case we can reach an even wider audience) but it’s NOT okay to make even a penny less than our goal.
– Basically, we have to make our goal by the deadline, or we don’t get our funding, and you don’t get your reward.