My apartment in the heart of Toronto’s Junction District is the deal of a lifetime – full dining room, kitchen, living room, master bedroom, his and her bathrooms (1 standing shower, 1 full bath), two offices, full brand new laundry room, mud room, and finally some storage. We also have access to the backyard and even more of the house because my mother-in-law just so happens to live in the main floor of the house.

For all of this, we pay $ –
Okay, I’m not going to tell you, but it certainly is worth it!

Now, this apartment wasn’t used for two years before us moving downstairs. The floors are torn, the counters need replacing, and the bathrooms aren’t finished being renovated.

That’s the magic word – Renovated.

It’s come to my understanding that this means that one guy comes in and drinks coffee until the next guy shows up and then they argue about how to do the job. Then they use my broom to sweep up all their cement and crud, then they leave.

They left before Christmas and hadn’t come back despite the fact that our backdoor is broken and we can’t use it and sending multiple emails to ask about when the workers are coming back.

Now, I don’t want to seem ungrateful, but we were promised a fully cleaned, painted, and renovated apartment in September. This was two months after we’d expressed our interest. It was then moved to October, then in a week, and another week, and now it’s almost the end of February.

For this long, I’ve lived with the constant shoving of my possessions aside, using my clothing to stuff into uncovered drains, having a thick layer of dust covering everything, and not having access to my bathrooms, mud room, or even my hallway.

I decided to leave everything a mess because I can barely clean up after myself, never mind a whole other crew of fully grown men.

Over the past two months, I’ve been starting to get fed up. I’m tired of stubbing my toe in the box to the sink that should have been installed months ago. I’m tired of waiting to have a place to hang my jacket.

I’m tired of not being able to live in my own house.

So, I packed everything in boxes and put it in their workspace in the boiler room and closed the door. All the bigger items (the sink and toilet waiting to be installed, the shopvac, their huge table saw, etc.) are hidden behind a door that is placed within the frame of the unfinished bathroom.

I’ve exhausted myself. I was having a flare before but I pushed it and now I’m afraid that it will take so much longer to recoup.

But, I am stubborn and I will not sit back and have others take what it rightfully mine.

Rightfully rented, of course. 😉