Getting in to see my rheumy takes months. I called in November and I was lucky to get my appointment for February.

Fortunately, my waiting is over and my appointment is tomorrow.

This is only the second time I’ve ever seen this rheumatologist, so I do have to prepare some things:

1. List of medications – include doses and side effects that you’ve experienced
2. Level of pain on a 1-10 scale – have a daily median ready
3. List triggers – bright lights and sugar have you in a tizzy? Me too. Make sure the doctor knows.
4. Plans from here – are you applying for disability? Do you want to try pain management through proper nutrition? Have your plan ready.
5. Most common complaints – headaches and numbness the worst? Maybe fatigue tops both of those? Have a list of your top five complaints with your pain and see if the doctor can help you find relief.
6. List things you have tried – Vitamin D didn’t work? Exercise helped but it caused a flare? Make sure your doctor knows.

So after all this prep, I still don’t feel ready for tomorrow. I’m nervous because I’ve been turned away by other doctors and even some of the people close to me don’t believe that I have Fibromyalgia.

Here’s to hoping my appointment goes well!

Any tips to share with me about how you prep for your appointments?