This past Saturday, I had the honour to participate in one of my absolute favourite plus sized stores, Your Big Sister’s Closet’s, one year anniversary body positive (#bopo) art installation. Whew! What a mouthful.  IMG_1792

This, of course, isn’t to be confused with the lingerie store  Secrets From Your Sister or even My Sisterwife’s closet (yes, it’s real).

Karen, infamous for her amazing blog, The Curvy Canadianruns the store with her husband, Peter. They have the most wonderful personalities and Karen has a sense of fashion that is to die for!

Saturday started with Gabriel walking me down to the store, a modest 10 minute walk from where we live. Upon entering the store, I was greeted with smiles and a candy buffet – a great start to the weekend, if I do say to myself.

I made my way to the circle of ladies outlining body positive signs. I chose one and got started!

Throughout the day, Your Big Sister’s Closet also had Donato do free hair styling and nails! I looked absolutely gorgeous when I was done! IMG_1772

Throughout the day, I was blown away with the incredible people I’d had the opportunity to meet through Karen and Your Big Sister’s Closet. I was also very fortunate to be a part of the installation itself and we received many smiles and waves from the passerbys.

Despite my fibromyalgia, I took a chance on this event and I’m so happy that I did. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so empowered and so confident with my body as I did in the time that I was at this event, and I have to say, the feeling is lingering.

I’m always wary to support causes that empower one person because I know that there are people who read into it negatively.

Taken by Peter from Your Big Sister’s Closet

One woman on my facebook actually posted that she had grown tired of seeing that Men like fat chicks and that Chunky women are all the rage and it makes her sick. What made her none too happy about it was the fact that she then felt horrible about her own body – so instead of empowering larger women, she saw it as taking that power away from the slimmer women in the world.

This bothers me greatly. Let’s take another look at this issue:

I was always told that that lesbians aren’t that way because they love women, they do it because they hate men.

This statement has always made me feel a little sick inside, and I absolutely don’t agree with it in any way, but you can see the similarities between the issues if you plug in new information.

New sentence: I was always told that large women aren’t speaking out because they love their bodies, they do it because they hate skinny women.

Aha! New perspectives!

Now do you see why this bothers me so much?

It’s all a power play and I’m not going to play any longer. This #bopo event has taught me that I can be happy, comfortable, and sexy without having to worry about upsetting others because that’s not my intention. My empowerment isn’t about taking away your power or making you feel less than you are, it’s about everyone loving who they are and living each day like that.

So I’m doing what is right as a curvy woman, or should I say, a woman in general.

Now for some of my photos:


IMG_1771 IMG_1769 IMG_1768 IMG_1767

I would like to thank my crap-tastic iPhone for the terrible quality pictures. They’re nothing compared to the talent with the cameras that were attending the event!
My opinion is not in any way affiliated with Karen’s, Peter’s, or Your Big Sister’s Closet’s. I am not getting paid for this post. If you see a photo that is yours, please let me know so that I can credit it to you – I grabbed a bunch while on my iphone and I didn’t save the links because I’m an idjit some days. 
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