Being your own advocate is great. It takes quite a bit to be able to say, “I’m in charge of my health and I don’t like your answers!”

What bothers me is that people do this but don’t have the proper information to back it up.

In today’s world of the internet, information has never been easier to acquire – nor has it ever been easier to dupe people with bad information.

The greatest resource that I’m talking about isn’t the internet. It’s not the library. It’s not even information in general.

It’s your pharmacist.

I always went in to my pharmacy – whether it was a Shoppers Drug Mart or a local place and I would drop off my script and twiddle my thumbs until my ten minutes were up so I could leave.

It turns out that pharmacists are actually your best friends when you’re trying to mix and match medications – as many of us do with fibromyalgia.


They can make recommendations on over-the-counter medications – this is great when you’re looking for a pill that will help you out with your sniffles.

Pharmacists have a database at their fingertips. This database helps them classify medications, find all the side effects, and is kept up to date – No bad information here.

They can print out a list of all your medications for you to put in your wallet in case of an emergency – this includes doses and their frequency.

With that information at their fingertips and their database, you can go to them to ask if any medications will interact badly. A great example is that Nortriptylene and Fluoxetine affect each other that one may increase the effectiveness of the other.

Having a pharmacist to speak with helps to get you the knowledge that you really need and will give you the confidence to be the advocate that you need to be to take back your health.

You can work together with them to better your health and ease your overall pain. Get to know your pharmacists and thank them every chance you get.

NOTE: If you are in Ontario, your health card will allow you 30 minutes paid consultation time with any pharmacist. I believe you have to make an appointment.

This is going to be cancelled soon, so take advantage while you can.

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