Christmas was great!christmas Spent time and had a Fam-Jam. Got plenty of wonderful gifts and everyone want crazy over our homemade cookies.

Now that the new year is approaching, I find that I’m thinking more and more about the pledge that I made years ago.

I will never make a New Year’s Resolution.

I realized that after all of the gym memberships, the diets that failed, and the bottles of vitamins sitting on the counter gathering dust, that I’m a funny type of person. New Year’s Resolutions never work out for me and many others. I just can’t seem to keep that commitment.

So I made a vow that I would never again make a resolution like that again; I would take the problems as they came and change accordingly.

It just so happens that I’m going to make 2014 my prison bitch. I’m going to beat it into submission and it will have no choice but to co-operate with me. Of course, I’m meaning in terms of my health.

I’m taking a course starting in January about Fibromyalgia. I was going to take a Tea Sommelier course (that would have set me back hundreds of dollars), but then I found this course. It wasn’t eight hours later from that (I swear) that I saw Jenn’s post on facebook that she was awarded a scholarship for the same course that I almost registered for.

Of course, I went back and read up on it. I decided to do it; It’s $30 to register and you get a book. It’s a seven week course and it’s for my health.

I need to know what I’m up against with this condition and being in the dark is no longer an option.

It just so happens that I’m doing this around the time of the new year’s beginning. 2014 is going to be MY YEAR! Fibromyalgia is going to be the loser in my smackdown because it’s no longer going to rule my life. I’m going to get a handle on it so that I can finally start my life again.