Chai Tea Shortbread

I was so happy to participate again this year! I decided to do a Chai Shortbread this year and me oh my – they were good. These stay together quite nicely while the flavour packs a punch! They’re about the size of a silver dollar, but you can’t eat them in one bite – that’s the beauty of shortbread!

In each of my packages that I sent, I wrote a letter to each recipient after I’d visited their blog, two business cards, and the recipe that I put together.

This recipe is super easy and is so absolutely yummy!! They’re not too sweet and the spice is so wonderful!

Chai Tea Shortbread

I’ve only received one package so far, but I’m sure the others are on their way. 🙂

I sent off packages to:

  1. Food Mama – Giveaways Galore! Super easy to read.
  2. Noms for the Poor – Check out her amazing photographs! Alternate baking here is great for Fibromites!
  3. Birdhouse Diaries – Beware the flurry of colours, they’re likely to give you a headache if you’re a Fibromite.

All in all, it was a great year for the cookie swap! I’m thinking of what to do for next year. Once I receive all of my packages, I will let you know who I got them from and how awesome they are!