A while back, I was brought into the big Melaleuca hype – you know, those pyramid schemes where they pay you to sign people up and then you’re obligated to purchase a certain amount of points worth of products that always added up to over $100.00 Eep!bottles

I signed up for a friend and also to save money on their products. She showed me how well some of them worked – and I have to be honest, in the end, I really didn’t find much that I couldn’t already do with some baking soda and vinegar.

Fortunately, I did find something that has really helped with my Fibro-pains: Pain-A-Trate!

I really don’t want anyone signing up just to get this product since it is a really big commitment but see if you can find someone in the area that buys it themselves and is willing to let you buy it from them. In no way am I getting paid for this post, nor am I being funded or sponsored by Melaleuca. I’m doing this review of my own free will.

What’s great about this product is not that it comes in two different sizes (but if you’re going to be paying shipping, then always buy the big one), it’s not that it’s about the same price as other creams, it’s also not that it’s more effective since you end up using less to take away the same amount of pain with the other brands – it’s the way that it affects the muscles.



It actually nullifies the pain receptors in your muscles and allows them to relax.

All of the other pain relieving creams that I’ve tried haven’t been strong enough and haven’t lasted as long as this has. This really does go from a nice icy relief into a deep heat and just feels wonderful. Once it has been worked into the area that is hurting (it works so much better if it’s massaged into the skin rather than just rubbed on), it feels like it’s really penetrating through the skin to reach right where the pain is coming from.

Of course, this may not always be the case, but it does provide some temporary relief to some of my Fibromyalgia symptoms.

I use this on all of my joints as a first line of defense when I can’t sleep.

Before trying this product, make sure to ask your doctor about it or even your pharmacist.




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