Day 10 : Someone you need to let go, or wish you didn’t know

I need to let go of my ex-boyfriend.

I know, it’s sad. He was abusive emotionally and financially and he was also ten years my senior. I’m not here to bash him, I’m here to try and figure out what the hell I’m doing by holding on to him.

I really don’t like him. I’m holding on because he has some possessions of mine that I would really like to have returned to me. I’m holding on because he has Ornaments that my grandmother made that are very old. He has my very first Christmas Stocking that I’ve had all these years. He has my hundreds of dollars worth of Disney ornaments – mind you, if I got back the first two, I’d be able to forget about the rest of them. I can buy them all over again, but I can’t buy my Grandmother’s ornaments.

Not to mention that he still has all of my baking pans and my deep fryer. Nope, not going there… I just want my Grandmother’s ornaments and my stocking back.

I’m trying to get over this because if there was one thing – and one thing ONLY – that my grandmother liked (she was really grumpy) it was her grand-daughters. My sister and I were the only things to bring a smile to her face in the last few years of her life.

She made those ornaments for us, painstakingly. Now all of her effort is being thrown away by an ex. I need to let go – maybe I’ll learn how to do what she did and I’ll make them for my grandkids.

That thought makes me feel a little better but it doesn’t help with closing that gap.

What a jerk.


Update: He burned them all. Remember this article? Yeah, he seriously did.