how to keep your blog organized


I’ve come across so many new blogs recently and I find myself wanting to get to know the person a bit more before I jump into their most recent post.

Unfortunately, with the way that things are overlooked, this means scrolling to the very first post – and if a blog has been going for years, that takes a very long time.

I was trying to figure out how to organize my posts so that people can read the ones that they wanted and then I came across Being Pristiq. Not only do I love reading her stories and about her life, but her writing style is so cathartic that you can’t help but have your heartstrings pulled at when you read about her struggles.

Anyways, I came across a page on her blog called, “The History”. I absolutely loved the idea of it – a history of all the entries on her blog with a little snippet about each one. I got to know who the people were in her posts, her relationships with each one, and her thoughts about various topics that interested me and that I’d be able to comment on.


In my History, there are topics from my Depersonalization to Applying for Disability with Fibromyalgia there. You can easily find all of my recipes and relationship advice at a glance. So easy to find all the content!

So, I left a comment on her History page and I went for it – I stole her concept and I love it! You can find my History page in my main menu with a couple of sub-menu items for various writing prompts and such that I’m doing.

It’s just a thought. I like it more than the concept of an archive because you can get the content of the post at a glance instead of trying to find out what is on the blog by going month-by-month.

Also, I did post that I was going to be sharing a very difficult topic with all of you, but I’m going to leave it for a little while. I’m doing The Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap 2013 and I don’t want to scare anyone away when they first come to visit my blog.

By the way, did you notice that my blog is snowing? How cool is that?!