dragons-loyalty-awardThese awards just keep piling up. I really don’t think that it’s anything that I’m doing per-se, but it’s more of the amazing people that I’ve connected with and their generosity!

I’ve been given the Dragon Loyalty Award by Jenn at My Fibrotastic Life and also one from Megan at My Chronic Life Journey.

The philosophy of the award is: The Dragon’s Loyalty Award is an award for the loyal fan/commenter, whether the recipient is a fellow blogger or just someone who follows and comments regularly”. 

I definitely like to think that when someone leaves a comment, that they deserve a comment back – even if it’s just a thank you. …aaand then I stalk their blog and find out how amazing they are!

There are some rules that one must follow in order to fully accept the award and they are as follows:

1. Firstly, display the Award on your site. You earned it and you deserve it!

2. Link back to the person who gave you the award in your acceptance post;

3. Nominate 15 well deserving bloggers for the Award and let them know the wonderful news by sending them a message on their site;

4. List 7 interesting facts about yourself

Wow. 15 bloggers. I really think that these awards need to have a little bit of a limitation when it comes to how many people you nominate. Fifteen bloggers is a LOT of work for some of us to even think of (which is a failing of my own), and then to follow up with…

Okay. I’ll give it a whirl!

Seven Interesting Facts about Celeste!

1. Back to School supplies excite me – I adore the smell of a fresh pack of paper and new pens! (I’m giddy just thinking about it)

2. I have a Seven of Nine Mondo poster from Star Trek Voyager framed above our bed in our bedroom.

3. An acquaintance told Jeri Ryan that I had this poster above my bed and this was her expression…

4. I am addicted to cereal. There’s just something very magical about the marriage of the dry crunchy grains and the lustrous milk. Yum!

5. I grew up in a ghetto.

6. Tom Hiddleston is my Disney Prince.

7. I’m phobic about the dirtiness and the smell of coins. I literally freak out if I have to hold them. It really sucks.

My nominations!

I’m going to leave this one short – at five people. I really think that 15 is too much, but the people that I choose will be well thought out and deserving of the award!

Megan is my award nominator along with Jenn at My Fibrotastic life, and I have to say that I absolutely love interacting with both of these ladies! In fact, every single person on my list interacts with me almost every day and never fails to reply or thank me for a comment.

  1. My Chronic Life Journey
  2. The Silver Lining of Chronic Illness
  3. My Fibrotastic Life
  4. Noonegetsflowersforchronicpain
  5. dawnyhosking
  6. walkingthroughpain


That’s my list. If you are nominated, please feel free to do a full list of 15 blogs. If you’ve already been nominated for this award, please keep your list as-is and just add a +1 to your total! 🙂