Pile of paper

As many of you know, I finally applied for Disability, or Ontario Disability Services Program. I applied online after giving up with their other method which consisted of printing off over 100 pages and getting two doctors to approve them, I’d have to fill out surveys and jump through flaming hoops, as well as go to a library, get a library card, and print off all of those pages at $0.15 each before I did all of the previous things.

My physical mobility is a bit of a joke these days, so even getting to the library would have been a feat in itself. So I went with the online option.

It was relatively easy once I had all of the information and they told me to pick a date within 3 business days of submitting my application where someone from the government would contact me to schedule an appointment. Did that happen? NO.

So I called around on Thursday. I’d had enough. My livelyhood depends on this application process. I played phone tag for about an hour, calling at least six different people and numerous automated services. Finally, I reached my caseworker. She sounded like she hated her life. Great.

She asked me who told me that I would be contacted within three business days. I told her the government website. She couldn’t argue with that.

Okay, so now, I’m convinced that the government wants you to fail. While we are pretty much all minutely aware of this, check this out:

They told me that my letter with my appointment date would arrive in 10 to 15 business days. That appointment date (because I called and got this information from my caseworker) is December 13th. So by the latest, I’d recieve the letter on the 2nd of December.

She told me that I needed documents from the tax people and that they had to be originals sent from them and not copies or printouts. I reached this department where I could get those income forms, and they told me that those forms would take 10 to 15 business days to reach me.

Let’s do the math – at the LATEST, I’d recieve those forms by the 23rd – a full 10 days AFTER my appointment.

Fortunately, my letter and my forms are on their way and I have everything in place. They can’t do anything to make me miss this appointment!

On a side note!

I’m up to 20mg on my fluoxetine and I have noticed some improvement in my energy levels, but when I’m out of energy, I can’t even rest on the couch, I start to fall asleep. Good/Bad?

I’m taking Clonazepam in small doses to help with my depersonalization and my anxiety attacks. It’s helping, but I do need a better coping technique than breathing. Maybe it’s time to break out that yoga mat.

I’ve changed up the look of my website yet again. I really like this one, so I think I’ll keep it. 🙂

People are starting to RSVP to the wedding! So excited!!

I’m starting Day Hospital on Monday for about three weeks. I’m really hoping that they can help me with learning how to live with a chronic illness and how to get out of my depression regarding that.

Here’s looking at you, kid.