My new favourite mug (they also had them in red) from Walmart & the scarf that I’m knitting the hubby

I just came out of my DP/DR phase and while it still is slightly present, I’ve managed to re-connect with my body and the events around me. Did you know that it’s November 16th? I’m pretty sure that last time I checked, it was the 7th. Stupid DP.

I was just walking around the house, looking for my new knitting cup so that I could make myself a hot toddy while I was doing my knitting…and I just stopped. It hit me – I’m getting married. Me! I’m getting married to the love of my life.

Planning weddings kinda suck, especially when you want your wedding day to be amazing for your family and friends.

What we’ve accomplished:

  • Booked our officiant and put a down payment
  • Purchased our wedding rings and set up the custom order
  • Shopped around for our table settings
  • Been offered free dj-ing by my brother-in-law as well as our linens
  • Our photographer is all set up and ready to go
  • Pair of extra hands for set up is hired
  • Menu is mostly done
  • Wedding dress is bought (a gift from my little sister)
  • Flowers are being made by me
  • Other decorations are mostly thought out

Phew! This wedding planning stuff takes a lot out of you.

Especially when you’re getting married in five months. I’ve always sucked at putting together parties, so I’m really looking to my sister-in-law for some help with this one.

Has anyone else planned their weddings? Helped other people plan theirs?