Day 08 : Someone who made your life hell, or treated you like shit


This is obviously a post that involves quite a bit of anger. Most times, when people ask me this question, I would instantly say that you’re talking about my older sister, DerpDerp.

I’ve spent so much of my life hating her for what she did to me, I didn’t even see the follow-up that she’d planned.

But, I’m actually not really all that angry with her. Not since the last time I had to call the police on her for her baby daddy threatening to kill me after she left town and didn’t let him know. Yeah, so classy.

This person, actually, is Kat. Yes, this is the Cat from The Story post that I did a while back. It recounts the disaster that I had to go through just to be with my (to-be) husband. It shows just how psychotic someone can be while they’re pretending to cheer you on. It was the most deceiving thing that anyone has ever done to me, and that is saying something.

However, the last laugh is on her. The whole thing was to win Gabriel and by sticking with him and loving him for who he is, I’ve managed to do that. We’re getting married in May, without a doubt, there will be children in the future, and happiness. Lots of happiness.