chocolate chip cookiesOne thing that I do have to say for depersonalization is that you don’t feel any sugar cravings if you make the decision to stop eating sugar. In fact, you don’t feel anything because you truly feel like a pair of eyeballs and a linear thought stream – my god, it’s weird.

Every other time that I’ve gone off sugar, the first 48 hours are hellish. It is no secret that refined sugar is akin to a drug. I’ve been addicted to sugar for almost my entire life and you can see just how it reflects in my pant size – I guess it’s about the same with a meth addict, the telltale signs are in the potmarks in their faces. (I lived with meth heads while going to school; not a good time!)

So it’s just past 4am, I’m laying in bed and I’m nursing my poor head that is just starting to get a headache. You know the kind, the dull throb that starts behind the ears and just encompasses everything…

All this because I was a good wifey when I couldn’t sleep and made delicious chocolate chunk cookies for the hubby. He was up late gaming with his friend, Jerik, and I couldn’t resist making them; I love to bake in the wee hours of the morning.

He couldn’t resist eating almost all of them.

Silly me kept four small cookies to myself with some milk. I guess I’ve found the entire reason behind my headaches – it wasn’t the gluten, but the sugar.

I’m glad I found this out sooner than later. I’m starting to feel more normal in the past day and so my sugar cravings are coming back. Damn it all!


Oh! If you’re trying to kick the chocolate cravings, eat cheese. Not only does it fill you up, but it gives you what your body is looking for in the chocolate. 😉