Day 06 : Something you hope you never have to do

I grew up in the ghetto where people would trade drugs like pokemon cards. They would brag to each other with how they were swindling the government or guzzling down the last of the 24 of beer that their baby bonus could buy. All of these people that I came into contact with were the same: they were all on welfare.

That isn’t to say that all people on welfare are like this, it is a social assistance program for people who need to get back on their feet. That’s the problem, isn’t it…most of these people aren’t looking at doing that. Why work when you can have a cheque delivered to your door? When you actually make more money on your welfare than you could ever make working at minimum wage? I get it. I really do.

I just could never do it.

I hope that I never get to that point where I go on welfare. It means so many things to me and I just can’t get past that. If I am able bodied to work, I will never go on welfare. I’d rather beg.

Now, my actual disability really take away conviction from that statement. When I could actually work, I would have rather begged for money than take welfare. Now, I can’t even do that if it comes around to it – thanks, Fibro!

Either way, I do understand the good that should come from welfare but I’ve never seen it happen. I am a firm supporter of the drug testing for welfare because I have experienced first-hand what happens with people who are on welfare for life.

Let me regale you with some tales of my youth:

A friend of my older sister’s dropped out of highschool, applied and was granted welfare, got pregnant and then lost two of her three babies in a crack den due to using drugs.

A friend of my mother’s decided that she knew everything she had to know from life, was granted welfare, then she lived the rest of her life smoking dope and watching tv.

They enable each other, it’s an entirely different world happening in these ghettos and subsidised living.

That is happening. Right now. All over the country.

While the idea of welfare is great, I just don’t understand how so many people can take advantage of others so easily.

I refuse to let that be my life. No welfare for me, thanks!


Update: On welfare. lol!