Let me just say that I identify as a Disneyphile. Yes, I do realize that sounds really bad, but it’s true. I’m obsessed with all things Disney! disney1

Yesterday, Gabriel and I planned an outing to one of the last remaining Disney Stores in Toronto. You can find it at Yorkdale mall. In fact, I know the entire mall as long as it’s in association with the Disney store since it’s always the reason that I go to that mall.

My little sister managed to grab one (okay, two) of their 25% off coupons and today was the first day that you could use it. I went a little over the top. I managed to snag everything that you see in this post and a great looking pair of pyjamas.

Let’s take a look – Anniversary Ornaments. These were a great find since they were stashed behind a mug display. I grabbed them instantly and took a look around the store for more – there weren’t any. Not even a display for them. MINE!disney3

The tree topper was something that I was looking for last year, but they had never made one. (Or if they did, it was $200 and didn’t ship to Canada). The painting on it is a little shoddy, but it’s a great item!

The individual ornaments were $9 each if you bought two or more. Catan bought me the mice in the shoe and the Mickey Christmas one. I just had to go out and get the matching Minnie one and the Little Mermaid one! I love sidekick ornaments! Ariel is okay, but her friends deserve a little attention too.

I grabbed some pj’s that were a little on the expensive side, but they had a 2XL. That is almost unheard of in Canadian Disney Stores. American stores carry larger sizes as well as their large is much bigger than ours. Weird. True Love with Mickey and Minnie on the front with polka dot pants. Awesome!

Lastly is the 2013 ornament that is $10 when you spend $30 or more. At the last minute, I decided to get it. With the coupon, it came up to about $7. Disney5

It made me so happy to be in the whole vibe of the Disney store; as soon as we went in, Gabriel took one look at the giant castle in the ‘princess’ area and said, “Wow. Now I know why you really like this place.”

I responded by bouncing around the entire store while giggling to myself.

After that, we went to old navy where I bought a dress and a shirt for under $10. They were $2.79 each in the discount section. Yay!

We also bought our wedding rings today and boy was that a drama-filled ending to our shopping day. Either way, I won’t get into it because right now it’s DISNEY TIME!

My little sister, Catan, is coming into some money and has decided that we need to go on a vacation to Disney World. I’ve already been once, and when she asked me where I wanted to go for a vacation, I didn’t even give her time to finish her senten-DISNEYWORLD!

Just like that. photo 2

There’s just something about Disney that just makes my heart jump and my skin turn to candy. It makes all of my life’s decisions okay because there is a way to a happy ending. It makes all of my issues melt into the background because for that tiny amount of time, I am a princess.

Princesses don’t have fibromyalgia, so it’s easy for me to pretend that my pain isn’t there when I put on a pretty dress. I feel as if I could dance all night (Okay, My Fair Lady, but who is really counting the references, here?) and that anything is possible.

When I was at Disney, especially throughout the Hallowishes Celebrations, I was aware of my pain, but my mood was so great that I just felt like I could fly, though I was hobbling along at best.

Trevor really ruined my Disney experience for me in the worst possible way. I took the time to buy his entire family presents while he spent all of his money on movies and sunglasses from Sunglass Hut. He promised me that he would buy me a Mickey mouse ice cream bar in celebration of our actual arrival at Disney. When it came around to when we passed by a cart, he told me that things had changed and that I was being selfish for asking and expecting to get one.

He made me cry at Disney. Not because I didn’t get my ice cream bar, but because this wasn’t the first time that he had done something like this and I just broke down. I guess that’s why he’s a ex and I’m engaged to a terrific man.

Trevor still has all of my ornaments and all of my Christmas stuff that my Grandmother made for my family. He’s not picking up his phone and refuses to call me back or message me back – I guess I’ll just have to start all over again and just give up on those cherished items.