So I was reading on one of the blogs that I follow about Dani’s 50 Day Challenge – I’m pretty sure it’s Megan S’s Blog: My Chronic Life Journey.

It started me thinking that this is a really strong woman! I’d really like to donate to her cause, but the amount that I could pledge to her almost seems like an insult as I can only spare a couple of dollars (honestly, like 2 since it’s AUD and not CAD). Dani, if you see this and you wouldn’t feel insulted at the small amount that I could contribute, let me know – I’ll head on over and make it. 🙂

I’m really taking parts of her challenge to heart – mostly the no sugar challenge. While I can’t do the 10,000 steps without actually having a step counter, I’m going to set daily goals to do breathing exercises and hopefully start on my way to being able to walk that much in a single day.

So – no sugar. Not even in my tea.

This also means that I’m back on gluten for the time being just to see if it’s the sugar that is giving me headaches and not the gluten. (Yes, I have an ulterior motive to this challenge, but I support in any ways that I can!)

I would like to say that I am so proud of the people who have taken on Dani’s challenge and even more proud of Dani for starting this in support of ME/CFS.

Here’s a link to Dani’s blog!

CLICK ME! I lead to Dani’s blog!


Click on this picture to help support Dani in her challenge and also in support of ME/CFS!