You know what? It’s been even longer than that as many of you Fibro-mites can fully understand.

Last night I couldn’t sleep due to the fact that my body wouldn’t stop burning. The ache in my knees and neck wouldn’t let me settle and the throbbing in my jaw wouldn’t let me set my head down on a pillow. I got so emotional because I was so tired that I began to sob – that’s right, ladies and gentlemen…not cry – Sob. The neck of my shirt was soaked along with my pillow because no matter what I did (and I did everything I could given my energy level), I couldn’t outrun the pain.

I just fell into such a deep hole of despair. At around 6am, I finally begin to bawl. Gabriel turns to me in bed and just holds me. He then goes into ‘Super-dad-mode’ (this is what I’ve started calling the attitude that men get into when they need to find a solution and fix a situation to the best of their abilities. Most times, there is also some type of panic or urgency involved). Gabriel’s Super-dad-mode is incredible and he makes sure that I have everything that I could and couldn’t think of in my brain-fog.

Water, medication, massage, pain-a-trate (Okay, I need to review this product very soon!), cute puppy by my side, etc.

I still can’t move very far and I’m not fully conscious at times. I also can’t keep myself up straight for long without falling over.

On another hand, I found out that you can apply for disability online. I have done so and I’m waiting for a phone call in “three business days after you submit this form”. So by the end of next week maybe.