I harbor many grudges, this is definitely not a new concept to me. I completely understand that that’s what kind of person I am. I know I shouldn’t be carrying around so much crap around with me, but I keep doing it and I can’t seem to let anything go.


That makes this entry so difficult for me – I guess that I have to eventually forgive these people since many of them will never come back into my life because I won’t let them.

I guess that forgiveness for a wrongdoing is like saying, “It’s okay that you did that. Here’s a slap on the wrist. Because I forgave you, that leaves me open to be hurt by you again and you get off scott-free”. I know that’s now how it works, but that’s how I see it.

These people definitely DID do something and certainly deserve the hatred that they get from me whether they are bothered by it or not.

I guess this is something that is impossible for me to do right now. Any tips on forgiving people?