This year I have decided (once again) to participate in the I-can-never-remember-the-full-name cookie swap.

I did this last year as ‘The Chronic Masterbakers’ where we submitted the other masterbaker’s gingerbread biscotti recipe. Unfortunately, that recipe has been taken down, along with many of our other posts when the two of us broke up. So sad.

This year, I’m planning a fibro-friendly gluten free option! I really like the idea of fibro-friendly recipes that are easy to do and don’t take much time, but always taste fantastic!

The idea behind this swap is that you get to know other bloggers through food; there is no better way to love than through food. (Yes, I do realize that any kids I have will probably end up being fat. 😉 Do you want some gravy to dip your cookies in? )

So you donate $4 to a Cookies for Cancer fund and get started! In your submission, you can ask for veggie/vegan/gluten/egg/dairy free or friendly options and you will be paired up with three others who also chose that option. This is done all across North America, but Canadians are paired up nationally.

I’ve been working on some gluten-free recipes in general. In fact, last night I had a BLT without gluten (without any bread-like substances either) and it was delicious!

I’m super excited to do this again and I highly encourage anyone who has a blog with some foodie stuff in it and a couple of bucks for shipping to join me!

If you have any suggestions that you might like to see, please let me know! Cookies or not, if they’re great, I can always change them to diet-friendly recipies. Ah, a superpower of being a pastry chef. 😉