I’m all confused now. I’ve been reading articles on gluten in general just to understand how gluten interacted with someone who didn’t have FM.

It turns out that many of the symptoms that celiacs have are parallel to those of FM-inflicted people.

Now, I’ve just read that the one thing that I believed to prove that I had FM and not celiac, this being inflammation all over my body, is actually prominent in both conditions.

So help sort out all of my confusion, I decided to test my theory. One day, I’d eat regularly: cereal and milk, rye with soup, etc. The next day, I would eat gluten free: all veggies, dairy, tea, protein, etc.

I’m really not surprised that the second day I did feel better; what really got me was the constant headaches, body aches, and amounts of pain medication that I had to take (not that it helped) on the first day.

Just to back me up, on the third day, I ate gluten free for the first half of the day and then had a gluten cereal near the end. I was fine until about 10 minutes after I ate it – I had horrible headaches and I couldn’t stop it.

No amount of painkillers could lessen the terrible ache in my skull.

I think it’s time to finally go back and see my doctor.