This is me with my jewellery making.

Having a life with FM isn’t easy; to be honest, when I go about my day all I can think about is the spoon theory.

To sum it up, you have a total amount of energy per day and each task uses up some of that energy. This amount of energy is represented by a spoon.

So today, you have 13 spoons of energy. Getting out of bed and stretching for the day takes 2 spoons, showering takes 1 spoon, getting dressed is 1 spoon, cooking breakfast is 2 spoons. Before eating breakfast, you have already used 6 spoons for the day.

Now every day that you use up all of your spoons is dangerous – you never know what is going to happen. You have to be stingy with your spoons. Some days, you use up a few spoons that you don’t have for the day. This means that you’ll have less spoons for tomorrow and now only just the amount that you used, it’s more than likely going to be more than that.

That being said, you eventually go stir crazy with just a basic existence. You really need a hobby of some kind. I’ve turned to blogging, making jewellery, making recipies, wedding planning, and even painting my own furniture. Yeah. Okay, I’ve turned to trying to learn about how to do these things. One day I will be able to do them!

Is there anything that you like to do? Anything that doesn’t waste too many of your spoons?