So, here are some tips for your daily pain!

Tips and tricks for sore spots after a long work day:
1. Soak your swollen feet in COLD water, not hot – this really helps to bring down the swelling. After you soak your feet in ice water (don’t shock them, just gradually decrease the temp. I do this in the tub while sitting on the edge), then let them come up to room temp and then you can apply heat to soothe.
2. Stretch when you get home – stretch our your muscles before relaxing for the day. If one muscle is tense, it could affect your sleep and/or be sore tomorrow.
3. Epsom salts are your friend – they’re not a bunch of hokey, I swear. They will help to soothe your aches and pains.
4. A nice stiff drink – While this may not be for everyone, alcohol (doesn’t have to be strong) has a calming effect on your body. Alcohol is a depressant and will help to bring you down after a high-strung day. Alcohol is to be enjoyed responsibly.
5. Ask your partner for a massage or get a muscle thumper – this helps to ease the tense muscles from your day.
6. Make dinner the night before. – you know tomorrow is going to be stressful, so pull out the slow cooker and crank that dial.
7. Muscle creams – Use creams like Traumeel to help soothe your aches and pains. This specific cream also works on bruises.
8. Call your best friend – laughter really is the best medicine. Use it to your advantage.
9. Take a pain relief tablet – I take Naproxen or Aleve (Same thing, different name). This comes with an anti-inflammatory, so it helps to get the job done.
10. Complain – As long as it doesn’t strain your relationships, complain away. Get a fern and complain to that. Get it off your chest – you don’t have to carry that burden all the time.

All of these things help me with my fibromyalgia pain (okay, maybe not so much with the alcohol because it makes me sick).

Do you have any tricks for daily pain relief?