This is always a hard thing to write about – love. People express love in very different ways. Some people are more introverted while others sing about their love for you while shopping for produce.IMG_2978

I will be telling you about my top ten things from my experience.

Here we go:

  1. He is willing to share his food with you – both Oliver and I are heavy food lovers. We both have our favourite things to eat and when he gives you that last bite of calamari, then it’s true love.
  2. He listens to what you have to say – actually listens. This includes making fun of you when you mispronounce things.
  3. You can be playful together – You can call him names and he doesn’t get hurt. He can do the same and you won’t get hurt. There’s an understanding between you so that neither one will get hurt.
  4. He considers you his Partner in Crime – You can get up to no good with each other; It isn’t always all about chores and serious issue. You are his go-to gal and he relies on you.
  5. You can laugh together – It may seem like I’m repeating the same point, but I’m actually not. This one isn’t about being reliable or being able to take a joke, but this one is about actually laughing with each other. Oliver has told me a few times that he has never actually laughed as much or as hard as he’s laughed with me (except with Jerik), and he loves it. I actually made him physically collapse because he was laughing so hard.
  6. He gets annoyed with your insecurities – This one is a slight negative, but if you’re afraid of being abandoned (like I am), then you will constantly give him ways out of situations and second guess him. There is trust there, but you want him to choose you. Constantly being second guessed like this is a little annoying, but it shows that he trusts you (and you trust him…but you just need a little affirmation every now and then).
  7. He likes to show you off – or tell stories about you to his friends. He enjoys having you on his arm.
  8. He will pay attention to your needs – he will ask if you need anything or he will open doors for you. This is the most wonderful thing in the world: having someone else taking care of you just because they want to.
  9. He is willing to give you own own time – This may seem like a no-brainer, but I’ve dated guys that would be super jealous if I wanted to do something on my own. Oliver respects my need for my own alone time and I do the same for him. I don’t intrude (much) on his gaming time, and I don’t invite myself on his excursions with his friends. There’s a mutual respect for your own individual space.
  10. He’s told you he loves you – This is a dead giveaway. Guys are weird like that, they actually say what they mean (if they’re not sociopaths). I love you means I love you. Not, I love you, but only when you give me cookies. Oliver loves me especially when I give him cookies, but it’s not a condition to his love.

Is there anything that you can add to this list? We all have our own experiences with love, so why not share some of your own?