Have your cake ready to go – sufficiently cooled
Mis En Place – syrup, filling of choice, torted cake, and buttercream
Adding simple syrup to the layers to make sure they’re moist
Create a dam of icing
Fill with your…umm…filling.
Make it level.
Place the next layer of cake on top
…Spoke too soon.
Then you mask the cake. You are finished!

The design process behind this cake was incredibly intense, let me tell you. It went something like this:

What do boys like?
…but this is a cake…

And this cake was BORN!

The burger was made from a combination of fondant and gum paste. It’s known as 50/50.

The burger patties were hollowed out to prevent the extras on the burger from giving it too much…lift. Bacon was awesome to make: red fondant mixed with the burger brown and white fondant rolled in to it…then sliced. Yes, those are sesame seeds. Use a pin to add them to the burger bun on top of a tiny droplet of piping jelly.