Do you ever feel overwhelmed?

Do you ever feel like you’ve been covered in liquid cheese product and then been told you’re the next candidate for Prime Minister and you have to give a speech. In your liquid cheese covered underwear. While riding a T-Rex who is wearing a top hat. Do you ever wonder how they put those hats on in the first place?

Okay – Right. Sidetracked. 

Liquid cheese.

So that’s how I’ve felt as of late. Things are changing at work, I’m slowly transitioning into the Operations Department – which is terrifying because that’s what my father did for many years, and it was his forte.

He was so good at it that they created a custom job description just for him and no one actually knew what he did – all they knew was that he got results. It’s a shame I don’t really talk to him anymore. It’s a bigger shame that he doesn’t like me.

Things in my relationship with Oliver are changing. We’re getting settled in our space, we’re falling more in love with each other (I can’t vouch for him, but I know I am) and he’s incredibly supportive during my times of high stress. Our dynamic is really weird. We’re both such different people when we’re together; almost as if we bring out the best in each other. We have more fun, we laugh harder, we just love being in the same room even if we’re ignoring the other person. We understand.

That’s the biggest part: there’s no huffing, no pouting, no brooding. I can safely tell Oliver to go f**k himself if I’m not happy with him then we both look at each other and laugh.

You hear this all the time: *Insert person’s name here* is my rock.

I don’t think I fully understood what that statement meant until I met Oliver. I can’t imagine being without him now. He’s given me everything I’ve ever wanted and more and I truly love him.

Sidetracked again.

What to do if you’re overwhelmed:

  1. Throw stuff – lamps are great projectiles as long as you’re adhering to the Safe Throwing Act of 2013.
  2. Scream into a pillow or a cave – not many of us have caves handy, so go with a pillow
  3. Eat Ice Cream – A double date with Ben & Jerry never hurt anyone but the scale
  4. Keep it bottled up inside – No, wait. Don’t do this. You’ll explode.
  5. Barbecue something – There’s no greater satisfaction than charring meat and pretending that it’s someone’s face.
  6. Do someone else’s laundry – this way, if something rips or falls on the ground, you really don’t care.
  7. Go grocery shopping – accidentally drop fruit on the ground and walk away. Oops.
  8.  Watch Reality TV – your life is so much better than theirs
  9. Troll the neighbourhood kids – Did you know that Albert Einstein was black? Totally true.
  10. Have a cup of tea and calm the f**k down – don’t throw the tea at anyone.