How much can you take? How much can you handle? 

Personal life? Work life? Family life?

How many different lives can you lead before the stress becomes too much?

I don’t even think that you have to have too many lives or even too few to be affected by stress; the burden depends on how much weight each of those lives holds.

I’m going to explain: I had a fairly simple but unhappy life with my (now ex-)boyfriend. I worked a part time job, so I essentially had no responsibility. I had no family, so no worries there. I had absolutely no pressure to succeed. 

Now: I have a great life, but there are now things to be done and decisions to be made. Pressure. I work an (almost) full time job where I’m doing three people’s jobs at once. Pressure. I still have no family, but my little sister is back in my life. I’m more than happy to have her, but that means: Pressure. 

I feel my head is being forced under a shallow puddle of water and I can’t seem to get out no matter how much I struggle. I’m drowning under the stress and on top of all of this: the sleepless nights, the sick feeling in the pit of my stomach, and the lack of appetite can only mean one thing – I’m too stressed.

Stress affects me a little different than other people. When I’m stressed, my body is stressed. For people with Fibromyalgia, this can mean a ton of different things. For me, it means, headaches, lack of appetite, increased pain, tension, knots, and so much more. I went from being able to function in the morning to being barely able to creak my way out of bed without groaning in pain.

This means that I will have to back off from a few of the stresses in my life. From here, all I need to do is prioritize:

Do I modify my home life?
Do I modify my work life? 
Do I modify my family life?

I need to think about my work life. My home life is perfect: I have a wonderful man who is supportive, I have a stable home situation, and I have a space that is (for the most part) my own. My family life: Getting better, but not a point of stress.

Work: This is where my stress is coming from. I think I need to decrease hours at work so that I can focus on me and my health.

I don’t want it to be this way, but sometimes, this is the way it has to be.